nrcima on September 21st, 2012

Its been a while since I really played anything on my XBOX. Time just flies away when you are with an 18 month old. Had family visit us over the weekend and finally got to play a few games. Borderlands2 is very decent and darksiders definitely has a good story line to it. On the shelf are NFS run and Forza 4. Happy gaming y’all.

nrcima on September 19th, 2012

Green Earth seems to be the new mantra of everyone these days. Big corporations are trying to do everything that they can to promote the little bit of recycling they do. Its not like they are not doing anything, but what they do is not sufficient. Its simply not good enough.

So what do I do about it? I recycle and reuse. I recycle every piece of paper, plastic, glass, metal and food. If its remotely recyclable I dispose it the way it should be. I never use a plastic bag when I go to the grocery store. I carry my own bag or sometimes bags. I prefer to eat in my china rather than use the plastic or foam plates in office kitchen and not worry about recycling them later.

But is this all we can do? My thoughts on this - No. There is a lot more that we can do. Green starts at home with every individual and is not the problem of some huge corporation trying to promote green Earth for tax benefits. A greener Earth is for everyone now and for the future to come. Try to recycle and help preserve our world. Better yet, try to reuse everything that can be reused. Giving everything for recycle also leaves a huge carbon footprint. If we can reduce our daily consumption and reduce this footprint, Green Earth will be more than just a blog title or the punch line of a company applying for a tax cut. It can be a reality.

nrcima on September 17th, 2012

The two words that make me smile these days. Son is almost 18 months now, runs around the house calling me da da. He even wished me Ha Ba da da which made my day. Thank you my son.

nrcima on March 3rd, 2012

Been a year and a half since my last post and for a reason too. Change has been good so far, I love my bundle of joy.

nrcima on July 2nd, 2010

Apple store genius employees must be the snortiest guys to ever work in any place. They dont seem to even know the concept of customer service.

I was in the apple store yesterday and when I asked one of them for help, the first answer I get is, I need to register with some guy at the door to even talk to someone in there. The employee acted as if she was doing me a big favor by even telling me that. Ok I give you that the store was full and almost everyone was acting busy, but that doesnt make them forget the first rule of customer service. Be polite.

The experience is so bad I am never going to go back to that place ever again. BTW, with all the crap iphone4 is getting now and the way they are handling the PR and the issue, looks like the fruit stayed out for too long and now its going rotten.

To reiterate Jon, App-holes.


nrcima on June 14th, 2010

Reading is good. Esp when it comes to you in the form of a very cool gadget thats easy to use and good in looks. Yes, we bought a new Kindle from Amazon. This is a generation 2 Kindle with a sleek look and cool features.

We have been debating to buy an ereader for a while now and in the research that ensued, Kindle was the clear victor. We looked at Barnes&Noble Nook and Sony e-reader but they were no match for Kindle. Not atleast in their current versions. iPad is a whole lot more than just a reader and we dont want all of that.

Happy reading hon.

nrcima on February 23rd, 2010

I was doing a routine check of all the stuff on and was amused at the way the site tags were showing. Checkout the tags in the image below.


Introspection love, Mayabazar pacific, northwest savitri and superman suprise xbox. Aint this fun :)

It was supposed to be just one of those adventurous  and fun filled outing trips for all of us. And boy it was adventurous! We had made extensive planning for this for about 2 months now. We were prepared for the entire trip but for the actual events that transpired.

The trip started as planned. We had booked a 25-seater coach  for the trip. The original plan was to rent out an RV but then with 22 people signing up for the trip, RV wasn’t an option anymore. Lucky for us there weren’t as many children in the group which meant more fun time for the adults. This was a weeklong trip into the rural part of the state. We got a wooden lodge reserved for us for the entire week. This lodge could accommodate 35 guests, so we were glad that we could stay together in the same place. We would also do a lot of camping and outdoorsy activities. The planning was perfect and the execution was also perfect. So far.

One of my friends was driving the bus, we figured it was more fun to drive it ourselves than get a driver. It wasn’t a long bus, probably a little bigger than a van. We loaded all our supplies that will last us for 10 days just in case. We had extra fuel just in case and out we go.

The trip was fun. Driving the bus through the rural roads was the experience we wanted. In our excitement none of us was actually paying attention to the weather which had changed drastically in the last couple of days. It was pouring cats and dogs upstream and the water levels have gone up from bad to worse. Most of the levees were ready to give up and here we were oblivious to all of this coming our way. The rain started coming down on us starting with a drizzle and went to a full fledged storm. We could hardly see the roads now and there was water everywhere. We still knew where we were, thankfully, but that wasnt really helping. Finally one of our friends suggests that we were near a village where he knew some folks (old family friends) who moved there recently. At this point there wasnt anything that we could do so the options were either drop by unannounced at their place or turn around and try to find a decent spot to stay. The popular vote was to head back and we turned around. As we started moving back, we saw that one of the bridges was now overflowing with water and our bus cannot stand the flow the water anymore. This leaves us no choice but to drop by this place now.

It was early evening by the time we reached their place and the rain had subsided a bit turning back into a medium drizzle from the downpour. This place was probably the most creepiest of the places we seen so far. It was hardly a village like my friend put it. It was more like 2 houses on an island connected with just 2 bridges fully overflowing with water in the middle of nowhere. Our bus cannot cross the bridge because of the water, so we had to take an old wooden bridge to get onto the island. We packed all our necessities for the night and started walking towards this house.

The two houses on the island were close to each other divided by green fields full of rice paddy. As the rain died down, we could smell the evening scent of fresh crop drenched in rain and ready for harvest. We were hopeful that this might actually turn out to be something exciting in itself. And we were right on the exciting part.

nrcima on February 18th, 2010

I always get excited whenever a new gadget comes to the market and most often end up buying it. This is the list of my fav 5 gadgets that I own.

Samsung HDTV This was my bday gift 3 years back and has been the #1 fav since then.
XBOX Elite Xbox is the best gaming console in the market – dont really care what others say and Elite is the best in the line.
Nikon D80 I started taking a liking to photography recently and that bumped this up to the #3 spot. I plan to upgrade this soon, but until then I dont see a reason why this should lose its position ;)
iphone Doesn’t need a reason to be up here
PSP 3000 series Portability rules.


The ones that did not make the top 5 but are my favorites are

PS3 (not slim) I never watch my movies on a regular player anymore. Waiting for Sony to release its 3D firmware upgrade to this so I can watch 3D movies right at home.
HTC Pure The best out there running Windows Mobile 6.5. Bit of an antique after the recent announcement about windows 7 phone series.
Creative NOMAD JukeBox Zen Xtra I have had this for almost 6 years now and I still hear music on this player only at work. Never had a problem, never stopped working. Now please dont give up on me any time soon either.
nrcima on November 8th, 2009

There are those who have doubted, who have forgotten. But it is our duty to remember – Dragon Age: Origins.

This is from an upcoming game on XBOX – Dragon Age: Origins. The background score in the trailer is really good and succeeds in generating the tempo needed for the trailer to make its impact and leave a mark. Check out the game details here